Advanced Technologies backed by advanced solutions to drive your business ahead

At ALM, we focus on being ahead in the market, using technologies that help us deliver efficient and reliable solutions to our customers. We value our customers and we value what we provide to the customer. Building products with advanced technologies available in the market helps us in catering our customer needs by keeping latest trends in our mind.

We hope you embark on the journey with ALM backed by its creative, experienced and dedicated team.

ALM products are powered by following technologies


ALM’s development team has an extensive experience in .NET Development Technologies i.e ASP.NET, VB.NET and C#.NET. With our extensive experience in .Net Technologies, ALM Interactive Soft Sol Pvt. Ltd. is an ideal partner to develop web applications as well as desktop applications. Microsoft Technologies has been leading the market by providing applications that range from simple desktop to huge enterprise applications.

ALM uses .Net Technologies for

  • Easy implementation of Client authentication and form submission can be done easily with this technology.
  • Creating reusable and customizable solutions for complex programming tasks.
  • Secure application development with Multi-Language support.
  • Cutting-Edge Web Application Development.
  • Developing Secure and Reliable Web Services.

ALM uses Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database management system developed by Microsoft for storing and retrieving data for our software applications. ALM uses SQL Server to build mission-critical applications and using high-performance technology across OLTP without purchasing high-end appliances. SQL Server’s common set of tools helps us deploy and manage databases both on-premises and in the cloud,

ALM use SQL Server for

  • SQL Server Management Studio helps centralized management of database.
  • Security and compliance with data encryption, backups and permission management for data access.
  • Availability of Robust development tools to integrate to visual studio for creating powerful web, business and enterprise applications.
  • Availability of standard APIs across varied platforms including .NET, C/C++, Java, Linux, and PHP.

We, at ALM Interactive Soft Sol Pvt. Ltd. develop PHP based Web Applications that can be deployed on most web servers, operating systems & platforms and can be used with many relational database management systems. Our development team has rich experience in creating amazing websites backed by PHP.
PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development and is also used as a general-purpose programming language.

ALM uses PHP for

  • Harnessing the creative and resourceful environment that PHP provides.
  • Controlling bunch of databases with robust database management system.
  • Cross-platform support enabling operation across various operating systems.
  • Affordable and customizable website development.
  • Developing user-friendly website with custom requirements.

At ALM we realize that developing reliable applications requires not just a beautifully designed user interface with powerful development methodologies, but also to make sure the application is backed by a strong back-end database to handle the daily wear & tear. At ALM, we use My SQL for creating amazing applications and helping our customers increase productivity and enhance their business at the same time be sure about safety and security of their data.MySQL is faster, more reliable, and cheaper relational database system. MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications.

ALM uses MySQL for.

  • Creating Platform independent applications.
  • Attaining faster database access with the power of MySQL.
  • Availability of Convenient User interface for administering a MySQL server.
  • Taking the advantage of large number of APIs (application programming interfaces) and libraries to develop MySQL applications.
  • Creating secure applications and restricting unauthorized access to the database as MySQL stores passwords in encrypted format.

ALM has a rich experience in developing beautiful and amazing web sites and helping businesses achieve a creative look in the market. Our designing team has been providing awesome creative solutions to make sure we not only meet client’s expectations but go beyond imaginations. For this ALM takes advantage of technologies including HTML, CSS and Java script to bring you a new world of web solutions. Our designers are also experienced in creating beautiful logos and banners to help your achieve your business needs with a creative touch.

ALM Creative designing solutions for you include

  • Designing out of the world web solutions and the ability to build front-end design from scratch.
  • Designing amazing Logos for your business
  • Banner designing for your events and business needs.
  • Providing Solid user-centered design principles
  • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.).
  • Proficient solutions using HTML, CSS, Java Script, bootstrap and Adobe Photoshop etc.

ALM harnesses the ability of jQuery to simplify cross-platform client-side scripting. jQuery helps us easily create animations , select DOM elements and navigate documents, along with handling events and developing Ajax applications. Developers at ALM create plugins on top of JavaScript library using jQuery enabling abstractions for low-level interaction. We create amazing dynamic webpages and applications with jQuery’s modular approach.

ALM usage of jQuery provides:

  • Separation of HTML tags and Java Script by handling Java Script events separately.
  • Elimination of cross-browser incompatibilities by handling all cross-browser inconsistencies and providing a consistent interface across different browsers.
  • Addition of plugins makes extending framework very simple.

ALM uses the advantage of Ajax to create web applications with background server communication and without interfering with current stage of the page. Only necessary data is transferred back and forth between client and server thereby reducing network utilization and processing on the client.

ALM uses AJAX for

  • Making asynchronous calls to web servers allowing client browser to avoid waiting
  • Improving network performance by minimizing data transfer
  • Limiting processing on the server by sending only necessary data.
  • Achieving responsiveness because of AJAX applications being asynchronous on the client.

At ALM, we use Bootstrap, the most popular front end frameworks to create mobile ready websites and applications quickly. Bootstrap’s intuitive, sleek and powerful front-end framework uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to helping us develop faster and easier web development.

ALM uses Bootstrap for

  • Creating websites or applications quickly in a short duration.
  • Fluid grid layout that adjust the screen resolutions dynamically and no extra hassles to attain responsiveness..
  • Ensuring consistency regardless of who’s working on the project and uniform results across platforms so output remains on every browser.
  • Creative flexible application with the ability to customize boot strap by selecting the required features

At ALM, we use WordPress to make sure our customers have a hassle free experience to publish, edit and modify their web content. The ability to easily organize the content on the website from virtually anywhere in the world with just a system and internet access makes us create reliable and powerful web solutions.
Our customers can easily customize their templates and use plugins to create the websites that are not only amazing but also provide wide variety of features.

ALM uses WordPress to provide you

  •  Greater accessibility by creating web-sites that give you the ability changes or add content from any computer in the world with Internet access and a browse.
  • Facility to integrate Social Network media like Twitter, facebook, Linkedin etc.
  • Reduced Loss of Work– Your work is automatically saved as you type even if you haven’t published your blog posts live to the web yet.
  • Customizable and search engine friendly Websites that are streamlined for Search engine optimization.

ALM helps customers by providing great online shopping solutions powered by Open Cart. ALM creates amazing online shopping solutions to the clients by using Open Cart’s feature rich, search engine friendly, easy to use and visually appealing. We harness the power of Open Cart’s ability to provide unlimited categories, products, manufacturers and the support for multiple currency and language, giving customers the best shopping cart solution in the market.
Open Cart helps create user friendly and feature rich online business at minimal cost.

ALM uses Open Cart for

  • Building fully fledged shopping cart solution with easy to use interface.
  • Creating Reliable and scalable shopping options and the ability to support unlimited categories, product and manufacturers.
  • Centralized management of the store from admin panel.
  • Inbuilt advantage of SEO-optimization facility, which makes it possible to index pages by all major search indexes.
  •  Building online shopping store with the functionality of guest checkout so the customer don’t need to sign up for an account to process the order.