eXert SCM – Supply Chain Management

eXert SCM – Supply Chain Management combines advance technology with industry specific functionality, delivering you a powerful application. eXert SCM helps you to plan, organize and manage strategies to improve your supply chain issues and achieve smooth movement and storage of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods.
With eXert SCM you can build a powerful centralized system to monitor your provisions thereby gaining the ability to plan and execute business decisions efficiently and profitably. eXert SCM’s advanced inbuilt features means you can harness the ability of centralized system to deliver optimized supply chain functionality by providing users, administrators and managers to monitor the progress from planning phase to execution phase.eXert FAS Solutions help you:
  • Accelerate: - Accelerate business growth with clear, reliable and real-time Inventory, Purchase and Sales modules.
  • Optimize: - Plan, organize and execute your entire supply chain process effectively.
  • Accomplish: - Achieve absolute control on inventory and delivery.
  • Deliver: - Maintain smooth flow of goods from raw materials to product delivery.
  • Reports: - Generate reports to view reports for manufacturing, inventory, Purchase and Sales modules.
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