eXert FAS – Financial Accounting System

eXert FAS – Financial Accounting System is the most effective and excellent solution to plan, direct and manage financial activities of your organization. Manage your financials effectively with eXert’s built in modules, providing comprehensive solution to grow your business.
eXert FAS application enables you to achieve financial due diligence and controls. You can track the variance between actual and targeted result using eXert FAS’s capability. With eXert FAS you can Set Objectives, Identify resources, analyze date and make financial decisions in a smart and efficient way.

You can plan, direct and coordinate investments and financial activities of an establishment with eXert FAS’s easy to use and simple interface. Whether you operate single company or multinational business, eXert FAS enables you to effectively manage all the financial aspects of your organization.

With eXert FAS, you can create business value for your entire workforce across the organization.

eXert FAS Solutions help you:
  • Managing: - Manage your business financials effectively
  • Tracking: - Track yearly and monthly expenditure using budgets alerts
  • Maintaining:- Maintain track of your business finances
  • Planning: - Plan your finances to meet your business goals.
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