eXert ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

eXert ERP Enterprise Resource Planning delivers powerful solutions to organize and arrange resources and possessions of an organization. With eXert ERP, it is easy to Optimize, enhance, manage and organize your business. With eXert ERP eases the automation process and provides you with an integrated view of your business processes.

Get a 360-degree view of your business, anytime and anywhere by integrating your business functions and automate it to achieve higher productivity. Improve efficiency, reduce costs and time to mark and deliver faster solutions.

eXert ERP provides following suite of products to help your organization cover the entire spectrum of enterprise functions through following suite of products -
  • eXert HRM - Human Resource management system
  • eXert CRM – Customer Relationship management
  • eXert FAS - Financial Accounting System
  • eXert SCM – Supply Chain Management
  • eXert POS - Point of Sale
  • eXert PMS - Property management
  • eXert CPM - Construction project management
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