eXert CPM – Construction Project Management

Image your construction business booming and growing new heights powered by an advanced technology. eXert CPM [Construction Project Management] brings you an easy to use construction project management, helping you plan, coordinate and ease your construction related work by bringing you a powerful and reliable application that gels into the ecosystem of construction management without requests for change.
eXert CPM helps you to specify your project objects and plans by defining scope, budget, schedule and performance requirements Maximize resource efficiency of your project through procurement of labor, materials and equipment. eXert CPM works for multiple sectors like residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial, environmental etc.
eXert CPM helps your business
  • Manage Process, Optimize Assets, Drive Growth
  • Track costs that go into a job
  • Compare estimates vs. actual commitments, costs, performance, labor and material and cash position.
  • Get ongoing Business Intelligence for your operations
  • Integrate with financial accounting and inventory management.
  • Purchase and assign materials from warehouse.
  • Increase productivity by tracking materials.
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