At the dusk of the new millennium’s first decade, an emerging beam of technology has flashed into the IT market establishing a reckoning unique company ALM Software Solutions .

alm-rct-titleALM soft sol

ALM interactive Soft Sol is an exceptional, peerless global software services provider with an exclusive exquisite solutions. Our exposition drafts How Imagination Shapes Your Reality with ALM. We are the pioneers in building flexible and adaptable user friendly applications.

We expertise our eXert

We have become established experts in IT industry with close ties to the GCC and Western countries, and we are the active members in serving ERP and IT Solutions. ALM proffers the brand eXERT ERP . We upgraded the User interfaces with our brand EXERT ERP enhancing the multilingual approach. A strong suit of ALM exhibit in excelling the eXert.

alm-rct-title Reliable and Powerful Products

Have a competitive edge in the market with ALM’s feature rich products.

Customer Relationship Management

eXert CRM – Customer Relationship Management accelerates your customer relationship by providing you accurate and reliable solutions.

Human Resource Management

eXert HRM – Human Resource Management provides industry standard solution to manage your human resources in an efficient manner.

Financial Accounting System

eXert FAS – Financial Accounting System is the most effective and excellent solution to plan, direct and manage financial activities of your organization.

Supply Chain Management

eXert SCM – Supply Chain Management, helps you to plan, organize and manage strategies to improve your supply chain issues and achieve smooth movement.

Point Of Sale

eXert POS – Point of Sale, helps you eliminate checkout issues with built in functionality by recording transactions, tracking inventory and in depth reporting.

Enterprise Resource Planning

eXert ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning delivers powerful solutions to organize and arrange resources and possessions of an organization.

Property Management System

eXert PMS – is a smart web based solution that allows for data to be stored centrally. The benefit is a more feature rich property management software solution that enables a user greater control and access to the system.

Construction Project Management

eXert CPM – Construction Project Management is used to plan, coordinate and ease construction related work undertaken by an organization as it gels into the ecosystem of construction management.

School Management System

eXert SMS - School Management System is an unparalleled and comprehensive web based student information system that covers each and every entity of School and Institute/College respectively

Content Management System

eXert CMS -  Create, Deploy and Manage your websites with ALM’s  advanced and reliable Content Management System. A powerful system  that is easy to use  for both Administrators as well as content editors, giving you a total control over your websites.

Shopping Cart

eXert SC - An easy to use application covering all the aspects of online shopping portal from selection of items to purchase and checkout process. eXert Shopping cart’s easy maintainability ensures your clients a great online shopping experience.

alm-rct-titleFeatured Services and Solutions

  • Mobility Solutions

  • Risk Management

  • Web Site Development and Support

  • Multiple Language Support

  • Backup and Recovery Management

  • Business software development

  • Website development and maintenance

  • Productivity software modification

  • IT portfolio management

  • Application security

  • Server administration and maintenance

  • Mobile Device Support

  • Business Process Management

  • Cloud Computing

  • IT Service Desk

alm-rct-title  ALM’s Services for your business needs

ALM delivers excellence and certainty across your enterprise’s IT needs. Strategize, develop and execute new initiatives with ALM‘s Services to remain competitive. Our services not only ensures you achieve flexibility, speed and efficiency but also provides a robust IT strategy to help you make a mark in the IT industry.

IT Consutancy

At ALM, we have business analysts and project managers with rich industry experience to help you plan, develop and execute new initiatives with optimal speed. Achieve flexibility, speed, and efficiency and a robust IT strategy with ALM‘s  Business Analysis, Project Management and Resource Deployment solutions.

Application Development

ALM‘s application development team works vigorously to bring forward creative and out of the box solutions. ALM has a legacy in developing Mobile, Desktop and Web Applications that are both feature rich as well as easy to use. Our testing team thorough testing process ensures you receive a quality application.

Internet Marketing

To make a mark in the industry, you have to ensure sufficient online presence. Greater online visibility means more chances of business leads which means more profit for your business. At ALM, we provide online marketing strategies to help you gain more visibility thereby providing greater business opportunity.

alm-rct-titleRedefining Products with Advanced Technology

The combination of advanced technology with powerful solutions to deliver you amazing products

Microsoft .Net

At ALM, our developers use Microsoft .Net Framework to build advanced,feature rich applications with seamless and visually stunning user experiences.

SQL server

ALM uses the power of SQL Server to build mission-critical applications using high-performance, in-memory technology across OLTP to ensure your applications have a strong database backbone


At ALM, our developers harness the power of PHP to create dynamic and interactive Web-pages. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. It also serves as general-purpose programming language.

My SQl

ALM uses MySQL for back-end needs of applications. MySQL is reliable and cheaper relational database system and is a popular choice of database for use in web applications.

Creative Designing

At ALM, our designers work on crazy combination of HTML5, CSS 3 and java script along with creative designing skills to present your thoughts in a beautiful and elegant way.


ALM uses jQuery to efficiently handle cross browser issues and to create interesting web pages that are exciting, interactive, cleaner, and user friendly with minimal effort.


Developers at ALM use AJAX to create better, faster, and more interactive web applications with the help of XML, HTML, CSS, and Java Script. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML


At ALM, our web designers use Bootstrap, an open source framework to develop easier interface components. With Bootstrap , we develop websites that are responsive and compatible for wide range of mobile devices.


Designers and developers at ALM use WordPress to build fully responsive, creative and amazing websites. WordPress is one of the easiest and powerful blogging and website content management system

Open Cart

ALM uses OpenCart, an open source e-commerce software to create feature rich online stores. Open Cart's separate admin interface lets you have total control on your e-commerce store

Whom We Worked With

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world. Our clients engage us in a number of things. We help them to solve their business problems, increase visibility and take their hands to thrive in IT world, in order to increase the ability of their employees to end their work professionally, and help us to change the world and make it easier (as we dream).

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